Anna van der Meulen, Triptych from the "3304 St. Clair Series",1988. 
6 x 4 x ½ inches each; metal prints on aluminum with a sheer matte finish.
Courtesy of The Jerome Project / Anthony Cianciolo 
© Anna van der Meulen


San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA (May 3rd, 9AM-9PM) – Featuring more than 30 SFAI artists, En((gender))ing Performance at SFAI: A Call and Response examines the radical culture within the San Francisco Art Institute as a platform for artists who have incorporated, challenged, or subverted expectations of gender in their practices. This multifaceted project centered on the rich and radical culture within the San Francisco Art Institute community and its synergy with the progressive climate of San Francisco at large through the lens of gender construction and subversion.The project includes a full day of events including an exhibition, performances, a film festival, a round-table discussion, a catalogue and a cocktail hour.  In 12 ephemeral hours, the MA Collaborative project reawakens history and creates a contemporary response that embodies the radical legacy at SFAI.

By looking artists with a tradition in queer art-making and work that questions systems of gender and reveals its fluidity such as Annie Sprinkle, Nao Bustamante, Linda Montano, Steven Arnold, Jerome Caja, The Cockettes, Curt McDowell, and Jennifer Locke the project asks artists to consider how SFAI’s artistic legacy has created space for further experimentation of the artist’s and the performer’s persona. Emerging artists respond to this environment, laying new contexts and interpretations of gender, power, and the individual, as an opportunity to re-think the concept and explain its evolution . This investigation extends to broader subjects such as activism, sexuality, religion, identity and marginalization.

Please see the Schedule of Events page for more information

MA Collaborative Project 2014: Elana Bernnard, April Marie Dean, Sharrissa Iqbal, Soyi Kim, Cléa Massiani, Ling Meng, Jessica Montgomery, Jennifer M. Moreno, Rhonda Pagnozzi, Rachel Ralph, Emily Ebba Reynolds, Mónica Vázquez Rodríguez, Ouater Sand, Noémi Szyller, Geoffrey Traxler, Louis A. Vargas.

Instructor: Betti-Sue Hertz

Image Credit:

Anna van der Meulen, Triptych from the “3304 St. Clair Series”,1988. 6 x 4 x ½ inches each. Metal prints on aluminum with a sheer matte finish. Courtesy of The Jerome Project, Anthony Cianciolo. Anna van der Meulen

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One comment

  1. I know Anthony many years and have appreciated his art have very loved his art and I think it is about
    time that people enjoy his work . Once seen only seen his world. and we ourselves are suddenly worthy…….Innocence prevails. True I encourage the bluejays in my garden to come closer, to fear him not. I told him to look through a microscope with one eye and a telescope with the other and juggle a sun
    and the sea, still I wonder……..

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